Level up your Gen Z talent

Upskill your junior talent to drive impact in just 10 weeks

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Bring your junior talent up to speed

with a training program designed for immediate impact

10 weeks

of skill building in our immersive cohort-based training program

blended learning program
6 hrs

of live, interactive masterclasses designed and delivered by world class experts

live masterclasses
24+ hrs

of self-paced, gamified learning with practical lessons for immediate application in work

self-paced learning

Bitesize, practical, needle-moving

We've designed a 10 week program to support junior talent to add value quicker

Getting things done

Learn how to focus on the tasks with the biggest impact and manage an ever-changing workload

WEEK 1-2

Communication like a pro

Perfect communication styles for effective relationships with both colleagues and customers

WEEK 3-4

Master business essentials

Understand how your role fits into the wider business, its financial goals and high-level objectives

WEEK 5-6

The art of solving problems

Solve problems in a structured way with tried and tested frameworks and asking the right questions

WEEK 7-8

Teamwork in the digital age

Learn how effective teams use feedback, manage conflict, and work together in a hybrid world to achieve results

WEEK 9-10

10 weeks, 10 skills

delivered by industry experts

Time Management - Hyphen
Self-Direnction -  Hyphen
Career Planning | Hyphen
Resilence | Hyphen
Problem Solving | Hyphen
Data Literacy | Hyphen
Communication | Hyphen
Teamwork | Hyphen
Conflict Resolution | Hyphen
Feedback | Hyphen

A structured learning programme designed specifically for your Gen Z talent. 48% of Gen Z want soft skills training at work, and 59% would learn better and faster if the training was immersive.

Reduce the time burden of training your junior talent with our programme. With Hyphen in place, you can give your managers back 2+hrs time each week.

With cohorts launching every two weeks, there is plenty of time to add your talent as and when you need to enroll them.

Ready to enrol your talent?

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  • 10 week program
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Live classes
  • Expert-led
  • Minimum one seat
  • Volume discounts available
Private Cohort | Hyphen
private cohort
  • 10 week program
  • Company specific case studies
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Employer branding
  • Minimum purchase 20 seats
  • Dedicated program manager
“With Hyphen, we are equipping our junior talent with the skills they need to excel and we see them add value much quicker than before”

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