Supercharge your Gen Z talent

With a live, cohort-based learning experience that teaches practical and critical business skills for success.

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Get the most out of your future leaders

by teaching them the skills they need to succeed


of Gen Z talent don’t
have the mastery of skills needed to do their jobs

Time Saving

per week
give your busy managers time to be more productive


of Gen Z talent quit their job in the first 6 months, due to lack of training

What if your junior talent had the skills to add value quicker?

How we do it

Our 10 week training program is delivered by world-class business leaders to small groups of learners.

Power Skills

Over 10 weeks, learners will develop critical business skills, build habits, and hone new ways of thinking to thrive at work.

Live & Self-Paced

Interactive, expert-led sessions empowering learners to practice new skills and receive feedback from industry leaders.


Learners develop together with their cohort and then grow with a network of peers after the program in our global community.

our approach

We designed our platform to reward progress, encourage completion, and drive engagement in learning. We know that Gen Z talent respond to incentives, leaderboards, rewards and progress bar and these are built into Hyphen.

The Hyphen learning experience is inherently social, and students learn in cohorts to drive engagement and accountability. We emphasise peer-to-peer learning in every module.

We believe in learning by doing and designed our lessons for immediate impact. Students will learn tools and methods they can see an instant return from in their day-to-day work.

Gone are the days of long pre-recorded videos. We boost completion rates and engagement by delivering learning in digestible chunks for immediate practice in engaging formats.

Our experts

Live learning designed and delivered by world-class industry experts.

Kate Munday

Kate is an award winning international speaker coach and public speaking mentor.


Rebecca Sweetman

Becca is a former Management Consultant, turned scale-up COO, turned accredited coach.


Alan Rutter

Alan is a strategic consultant, data leader and expert trainer and an expert in data visualisation.

Data Fluency

Nick Telson

Nick is a serial entrepreneur, has exited one startup, has invested in 55 more, and hosts a successful podcast.

Problem Solving

Debbie Danon

Debbie is a certified Integral Development Coach, award-winning leadership facilitator.


Julianna Egner

Julianna is VP Project Management at Blue State, and formerly ran Project Management for Warren for America.

Time Management
“With Hyphen, we are equipping our junior talent with the skills they need to excel and we see them add value much quicker than before”

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