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Training Junior Talent Empowers Managers to Achieve More

Training junior talent empowers managers to achieve more

Upskilling your Gen-Z workforce not only improves the performance and productivity of your team but also significantly reduces the workload for managers. By providing junior talent with the necessary skills to succeed, managers can focus on their core responsibilities, such as client-facing tasks, instead of spending time on training and development.

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing managers today is finding the time to train and develop their junior talent. Investing in the upskilling of your Gen-Z workforce not only takes the pressure off managers but also gives them back valuable time. Providing junior talent with the right training can give managers back 2+ hours per week, per junior talent. This significant extra time can be used for increased productivity, engagement, and innovation in their own roles – a positive ripple-effect across the business’s ROI.

Gone are the days when managers had to spend hours training junior talent on the job. With a well-trained and confident team, managers can have peace of mind that their team is well-equipped to handle their workload and that they can focus on their own responsibilities. This not only leads to happier and more engaged managers with a heavy load of pressure off. 

Raphael Eder, CEO of Hyphen, explains, "We help managers. They get two, or three hours back per junior talent where they don't have to teach those mundane tasks. They become more productive because they don't have to teach the same skills and tricks and tips, again and again – because we take this on for them. At Hyphen, we bring together and tap into training from the best managers from all over the world and make it accessible for any kind of company, which means that the training you receive from us might be better than the training you receive from your own manager."