How Hyphen brought every LZH Group junior employee up to speed


The Challenge

  • LZHs rapid 3x growth led to a large pool of early career talent with skill-gaps beyond managers' capacity to teach.
  • Poor prioritisation and time management by junior employees hampered LZH's efficiency.
  • A solution was needed to bring junior hires up to speed and enable them to add value from day one.

The Outcome

  • Boosted Productivity: LZH juniors prioritise tasks and fill time-gaps, freeing up 5 weekly hours for extra tasks.
  • Time to Manage: Hyphen Power Skills eliminate the need for constant manager oversight, saving 2+ weekly hours to fuel business growth.

Key Results


LZH Group




Real Estate


Vienna, Austria

“Hyphen has unleashed the potential of our junior employees by teaching them how to prioritise tasks and manage their time effectively.

Philip Mader

Managing Director at LZH Group

Empowering junior talent during growth

LZH Group is a real estate developer at the forefront of sustainable housing in Austria, scaling to more than 500 apartments across 23 projects since their inception in 2017.

During their swift growth, managers from every department expanded their teams with early career talent, and found that their traditional approach of training new juniors was too labour intensive.

LZH Group realised that a solution was required to fill the skill gaps of their early career talent without stealing too much time off managers who had to teach their juniors the same things - again and again. That’s when they implemented Hyphen.

More done each week

“One of our values at LZH is ‘growing from within’ and this means that we want to see our early career talents become the next leader of the organisation”

Melanie Otrob

Lead Asset Management at LZH Group

Prioritising your time

LZH Group used Hyphen to boost time-management and prioritisation skills of their junior talent for faster task completion and increased autonomy.

At the time, many juniors at LZH struggled with prioritising their workload, causing them to fall behind on tasks that required their immediate attention.

One of LZH’s junior employees, Emma, was working in a fast-paced role that required her to attend scattered meetings throughout the day, and she found it difficult to make use of the time slots in between meetings.

“I felt very understood, so glad about all the tips and tricks, especially calendar blockings (already implemented and even taught my manager!)” 


Management Trainee at LZH Group

Using the masterclass with Julianna Egner, Emma gained 5 hours per week as she implemented a new system for structuring her calendar, using calendar blocks for specific tasks and prioritising her work to make use of the short slots in between meetings. Additional tasks which took 10 hours no longer required more than 5, allowing her to keep up with additional workload.

The Comprehensive Solution for SME’s

As a fast-growing company, LZH struggled to establish an L&D function due to a lack of time and resources. While they explored solutions such as Coursera or Masterplan, these tools did not provide the practical or collaborative approach that was required for their junior talent to test their skills in a real-time environment.

Instead of spending a fortune of resources on setting up an L&D function from scratch, Hyphen provided LZH with an out-of-house comprehensive solution to enrol their junior talent and fill the skill-gaps at a much lower cost.

"Hyphen was the only clear L&D alternative to doing it in-house, without sacrificing quality or effectiveness."

Mariella Finer

Head of HR at LZH Group

LZH was also tracking the progress of their junior employees, ensuring they were making the most of their training and development opportunities. Using Hyphen’s insights into the learning performance of their employees, LZH could ensure that there was no longer a need for teaching their juniors the same things - again and again

Given LZHs emphasis on empowering junior talent, the company is now in a better position to continue thriving without the need for an overwhelming in-house L&D solution.

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