Empowering high-potential talent at Otta


The Challenge

  • As a ever-growing and fast-moving startup, Otta was looking for a relevant, plug-and-play solution to empower their high performing individual contributors to drive even greater value in the business.
  • Stretched and at capacity - and with no formal L&D team - Otta wanted to offer training as a benefit to key operations talent with the intention that this investment would retain them for longer.

The Outcome

  • As a result of enrolling talent in Hyphen's Power Skills programme, Otta saw real progression and increased productivity in their operations talent. All the talent who Otta invested in with Hyphen are still in the business adding value and seeing impact from learning the practical tools and skills to drive effectiveness at work.

Key Results








London, UK

I feel way more on top of my work at Otta. I thought I had a solid grip on my role, but the Hyphen Training Programme was a game-changer. It sharpened my skills, widened my perspective, and helped me connect more deeply with Otta's mission. Every day now feels more impactful, more in tune with the bigger picture.

Josie Braithwaite

Operations Associate

About Otta:

Positioned as "the better way to find a job in tech," this tech recruiting platform has made quite the splash in the UK. Through their data-driven approach, they've streamlined the process, seamlessly connecting talent with their ideal tech roles.


Our growth at Otta is a journey, and thanks to the Hyphen Training Programme, we're ensuring every team member is not just along for the ride but actively steering us towards success. Seeing Josie's development and the increased alignment across our teams? That's what this is all about.

Callum Hale-Thomson

Head of Strategic Projects

We're excited that Otta leadership see the behaviour change that Hyphen creates! 👀

Our Team Members have developed core skills & they are even more effective!

Theo Margolius


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