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Founder's Associates

Who is the Founder's Associate Program for?

It’s for top graduates and early career professionals (0 to 3 years experience) that consider launching their career at a top start-up, while at the same time preparing their skills for either launching their own start-up or taking on a leadership position at another start-up.

We encourage Bachelor, Masters, MBA and PhD graduates to apply for our programs as we offer roles that require different levels of experience. Note, that the average salary of £40k is a benchmark for graduates of Bachelor and Master Degrees. MBA and PhD graduates will be able to earn significantly more.

We also encourage early career professionals who are working in Consulting, Investment Banking or VC to apply to our program.

In general, we look for the best talents that have shown their abilities at a high level. They might have excelled in academia, shown great leadership like a president position at a student society, have completed rigorous internships or full-time jobs (e.g. Investment Banking, Consulting etc).

What kind of start-ups may I be matched with?

It varies! But all of them are industry-defining start-ups with investment from leading VCs.

To make sure that we have the right start-up for every Graduate, we have different start-ups at different growth stages and industries.

Our Start-Ups range from early stage (<20 employees) to Unicorns (>1000 employees) with everything in between.

They’re also spread between different industries, such as Climate-Tech, Fin-Tech, Future of Work etc.

What type of roles are available?

For our first cohorts, our start-ups offer only the role of a Founder's Associate but soon we will a wide range of business roles (such as Business Development, Business Analyst/ Business Intelligence, Operations and Data Science)

Can I apply if I haven't graduated yet?

Yes! We accept applications from final year students that will have graduated when a cohort starts. Penultimate year students can join our waitlist, but also visit our on-campus events if they want to find out more about start-ups.

If you are only ready to start working later than that, you can sign-up to our waitlist.

Is the Founder's Associate Program free for talents?

Yes! It is completely free. Start-ups that you match with pay for your placement and training fees. Because you will be working full-time at the start-up, you will also be paid at a salary of at least £35k.

Do you also offer internships or only full-time positions?

We offer full-time positions only.

Can I apply if I don't know much about start-ups or the tech industry

Of course! We want to make the start-up world more accessible. That’s why set up the Founder's Associate Program.

However, we still think that your career choice should be a thought-through decision. So, we recommend that you think about whether launching your career at a start-up is the right choice for you.

You can read more about working at a Start-Up on our Blog, here: coming soon!

How long is the Program?

After the 12-month placement and training, talents normally continue working at the start-up and take on more senior positions, transition into leadership roles or take on a new role altogether.

What is the training you have for the Founder's Associate Program?

The program will kick-off with a pre-placement bootcamp, where you will learn essential skills that will prepare you for your first workday. Immediately after, you will start working.

Next to working full-time at the start-up, you will have 3 different training modules for a total of 12 months.

The content of the Training depends on the Program you join. You can find out more about the Training , here: (1st June Cohort Page) OR (1st September Cohort Page)

​How does the application process look like?

Step 1: Written Application - In your written application, we want to know your industry and role preferences and also motivation to join closer.

Step 2: Menon Interviews - If successful, you will get to know one of our Program Directors in a 30-minute interview where you will discuss what you hope to get out of the Founder's Associate Program.

Step 3: Start-Up Matching - Based on your preference, we will present you some start-ups. You can short-list the start-ups you would like to consider being matched with.

Step 4: Start-Up Interviews - Up to 3 start-ups that also want to match with you will interview with you directly. There will be up to 3 interviews per start-up to make sure that you find the right match

Step 5: Offer - You will get an offer directly from the start-ups if you hit it off with them. Once you accept an offer from a start-up, you will no longer interview with other start-ups

You can find out more about the application process, here: (1st June Program) OR (1st September Program)

How does the Matching Process with a start-up look like?

We have created a process to make sure that you will be matched with the right start-up.

Here it is:

  1. During your application, you will give a preference as to the role and industry you will be placed in alongside some motivational questions.
  2. Once you passed the initial screening, We will show you a range of start-ups that match your preferences. You will be able to select your favorites out of them.
  3. We will send over your profiles to the start-ups that you have selected as your favorites.
  4. You will be invited to interview with the start-ups that also selected you. If you are matched with multiple start-ups, you will have the chance to interview with multiple of them.
  5. The start-ups that feel you might be a great addition to their Team will give you an offer. Once you take that offer, you will withdraw from all other interviews with other start-ups that you might have.

What does the interviewing process look like for start-ups?

To make sure there is a fit between you and the start-up, we leave the set-up of the start-up interview to them.

Typically, the start-ups will run a 3-part interview process which includes: a get-to-know-you meeting, a case study, and a meet-the-team interview.

However, this might differ depending on the start-up. In any case, you will not have more than 3 start-ups total to interview with.

Can you guarantee me a place in a start-up?

We cannot guarantee a placement with a start-up because we want to make sure that every talent makes the right decision for their careers.

For example, there might be no fit between you and the role or you might not feel 100% committed to working at the start-up.

What happens after the 12-month long training program?

After the training, talents normally continue working at the start-up and take on more senior positions, transition into leadership roles or take on a new role altogether.


Why should I use Hyphen to hire a Founder's Associate?

In short, because we bring you pre-vetted talents from a top university or top firm that we support and train during their first 12-months with you.

However, here is a longer list of reasons why you should use Hyphen to hire a Founder's Associate:

  1. We match you with a top talents that exactly fits your role and is one of the highest performers within their peer group.
  2. We have access to 25k+ talents from the world’s best universities and employers.
  3. We provide role-specific training to Founder's Associates for their first 12-months with you
  4. Our Founder's Associates receive tailored career-support, so they feel like their career is in good hands with your start-up

What is the process to get matched with Founder's Associates?

After getting requirements from start-ups, we look for Founder's Associates that have the right skills and motivation for the start-up.

Start-ups then receive profiles of Founder's Associates we shortlisted. They can decide whom to interview and can give out offers to Founder's Associates they feel are best-fitting.

How many Founder's Associates can I hire?

While there is no cap on the Founder's Associates you can hire with us, we recommend hiring up to 2 Founder's Associates per quarter.

How do you make sure that start-ups get the right Founder's Associate?

We pre-screen Founder's Associates so that they match the requirements of start-ups. By then sending over the Founder's Associate profiles to the start-ups and having them interview with the Founder's Associates directly, we make sure that start-ups have the final say.

There is no obligation for you to hire anyone however.

What happens if I don’t find a Founder's Assoicate?

While usually start-ups find a Founder's Associate to hire, there is a chance that your start-up might not find one. This might happen because we want to make sure that Founder's Associate are 100% certain and motivated that they want to work at a start-up of their choice.

If this happens, you can opt-into matching into later cohorts.

What happens after the 12-months of training?

Founder's Associates typically remain at their start-up and take on more challenging roles. Start-ups can also book additional training modules if they wish to extend the training Founder's Associates receive.

How much does it cost?

To discuss costs, please speak to our Team directly.

What training do you offer to Founder's Associates?

Right now, we offer a full-stack Business Training for our Founder's Associates taking on their roles. They will learn about Financial Analysis, Marketing, No Code and more.

Can a Start-Up decide what training a Founder's Associate gets?

Right now, we only offer package training for Founder's Associates. At some point, you will be able to book additional Trainings for Founder's Associates.