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with the core skills that drive productivity and performance.

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What is this all about

Develop, perform, retain.

Invest in your early career talent’s armoury to build trust, engagement and productivity.

12 weeks  of knowledge sharing

Designed and delivered by some of the best managers in the world to turn your talent into A* team members.

Hands-on, practical learning

Made for the next generation of talent with a gamified learning experience that teaches how to be a higher performer.

Collaborative, community first

Your talent develop in cohorts and build a social learning community that drives engagement.

A training program designed and delivered by some of the best managers in the world

In this 10-week training program (~2hrs per week) you’ll learn the foundational skills and get the confidence to take charge of your career - together with a community of peers.

Ben Jones

Founder/CEO turned Coach.

Kate Glover

Experienced sales leader and development coach.

Yon Borthwick

Master in asking, giving and receiving Feedback.

Thilo Winter

Personal and Professional Development Expert.

Rebecca Sweetman

Former Director of Ops Projects at Babylon.

James Lo

Most loved manager at SoftBank for years.

Julianna Egner

Planned Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.

Four ways Hyphen maximises the potential of early career talent

Productivity & Ownership

Faster time to Productivity

We index on teaching the skills that empower talent to better prioritise, communicate effectively and own their tasks.

more tasks done by early career talent at Matter.
Live, hands-on, practical

Live Group-Coaching to lead the way

We deploy leadership & management coaches to deliver live classes in critical skills to develop talent in a way that helps everyone. No more blurred lines.

of Hyphen alumni report confidence in applying learnings to their day-to-day.

Team alignment from day one

We solve for team connectivity issues in remote and hybrid teams by fostering a collaborative talent development experience for junior talent.

feel more connected to their team as a result of collaborative learning with colleagues

Retain talent and unleash their potential

Our program enables junior talent to develop and become the professional they aspire to be at your company. No more costly rehires. Can you imagine?

of talent self-report desire to stay at their company post-Hyphen experience

Hyphen empowered our junior talent to be confidently autonomous in their first few weeks in the role. The skills they developed are critical foundational skills needed to kickstart their careers.

With Hyphen, we saved time for managers who were able to focus on developing more technical skills in their teams.

Lora Kyle
Head of Global Talent Development


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