Enable your talent to become the professional they aspire to be

12 weeks
part-time (~2hrs per week)

A training program for your teams to sharpen their core skills and gain confidence. All with insights from the best managers in the world and a strong network of peers.

Designed and delivered by the best managers at

Mc Kinsey & Company
J.P. Morgan
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What is this all about

Equip your teams with the skills to be more productive and confident

In this 10-week training program your early career talent will develop core competencies to thrive at work.

What they will get out of it

Junior talent will learn practical skills how to...

Prioritise effectively to get more done and give them back some time.

Learn how to communicate in an engaging, authentic way to win over their team.

Learn to analyse situations in a structured way to identify the most effective solutions.

Harness the power of data to tell stories and make better decisions.

Develop a growth mindset and be intentional about their career at your organisation.

Detailed Curriculum

A training program in the flow work to unleash the full potential of your teams

Our Business Leaders

Designed and delivered by some of the best managers in the world

In this 10-week training program (~2hrs per week) you’ll learn the foundational skills and get the confidence to take charge of your career - together with a community of peers.

Thilo Winter

Personal and Professional Development Expert.

Yon Borthwick

Master in asking, giving and receiving Feedback.

Julianna Egner

Planned Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.

James Lo

Most loved manager at SoftBank for years.

Rebecca Sweetman

Former Director of Ops Projects at Babylon.

Kate Glover

Experienced sales leader and development coach.

Ben Jones

Founder/CEO turned Coach.

What you will get out of it

The Hyphen Learning Experience

A practical learning experience tailored to junior talent.


4x interactive live sessions with immediate feedback from business leaders and peers.


Peers learn in cohorts from your and other organisations to drive engagement and accountability.

Bit-sized & gamified

Learning in digestible chunks for immediate practice in formats that reward progress.


Hear what our alumni around the world are saying

Designed with you in mind, no more boring online education - we’re the difference you’ve been waiting for

Laxmi Aurora
Laxmi Aurora
Finance Associate

The Resilience module helped me to deal with set-backs and how to develop a growth mindset.

Claus Gynn
Claus Gynn
Growth Analyst

Now I know that I can always ask my manager for input and feedback.

Joseph Simeon
Joseph Simeon
Business Analyst

The problem solving module helped me to analyse situations with a structured approach, identify solutions and make decisions based on facts. This in combination with the tips and tricks I got on how to collaborate  with my team and manager make me feel I fly through each day at work.

Laura John
Laura John
Programme Analyst

I will be more effective in my role as a programme analyst, and feel more confident in communicating with customers and partners.

Emma Nowak
Emma Nowak
Mgmt. Trainee

I’m so grateful for all the tips and tricks around time management, I already implemented calendar blocking and I think I have ~2hrs more time each day.

Ana Pechurina
Ana Pechurina
Business Dev Rep

I loved the interactive part where I worked together with my buddy on a problem. I feel like that this is essential when it comes to learning how to apply it on the job.

How Hyphen stacks up

In this 10-week training program (~2hrs per week) you’ll learn the foundational skills and get the confidence to take charge of your career - together with a community of peers.



Classroom training

Practical skills
No practice, feedback
Practical skills
Tailored for early career talent
One-size-fits all
Practical skills
Social, engaging and live
Low engagement (<10%)
Practical skills
Lasting behaviour change
Knowledge not behaviour
Scalable for distributed teams
Practical skills
Inconvenient, travel
Cost efficient
Practical skills


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